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Transferring your Mortgage to another Bank

Transferring your Mortgage to another Bank

Do you currently have a mortgage in Portugal with a high interest rate and are looking to get the lowest rate possible?

We understand that the thought of moving to another bank may seem like a daunting task but it doesn't need to be.


At Ideal Homes Mortgages we're ready to help discuss the process with you in a stress free way. 


Best of all, this service is FREE of charge.


To give you an idea of the savings that are possible on a mortgage rate of 300,000€, take a look at the simulation below:


Mortgage amount  300,000€ 300,000€
Period/terms 30 years/360 months 30 years/360 months
Interest rate  1.5% 0,873%
Monthly payment 1,035.36€   947.52€
Savings over 12 months  1,054.08€


With all the savings at your disposal you could look at the option of purchasing a new property, for investment purposes which means you are in a great position to earn rental income.


Ideal Homes International will be happy to assist you find the perfect property like this 3 bedroom apartment in Lagos on at 310,000€.




At Ideals Home Rentals, they are able to assist you in renting your property and helping you earn money. For example, if you owned a 3 bedroom apartment in Lagos you could earn in excess of 30,000€ per year. 


Lagos is a town in southern Portugal's Algarve region. It has all the essential amenities nearby including cafés, supermarkets and restaurants. Known for its proximity to wonderful beaches, old town and cliffs makes Lagos a great place to live and holiday in.



Once you're ready to make the change to transfer your mortgage, contact Ideal Homes Mortgages and we'll guide you through the steps and make sure we find you the best rate possible.


It's always highly recommended that you speak to an experienced and registered mortgage broker in Portugal. Ideal Homes Mortgages has provided brokerage services since 2013 with a vision of providing service excellence, and ensuring clients requiring real estate financing are well informed and confident in their property purchases and investments in Portugal.


To book your FREE consultation with a registered mortgage broker, get in touch with the experts on info@idealhomesmortgages.com today to start the application process, or give them a call on +351 289 513 434.