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10 Reasons to Love The Algarve in February

10 Reasons to Love The Algarve in February

February - The month of romance, chocolate and love.... Depending on where you are! The Algarve has so much to offer during this month, we've compiled the top 10 to get you started...

The Algarve is fast becoming the perfect European relocation destination for permanent residence, holiday homes or simply as a way of generating an income through holiday rentals. 
We all know summer months are the busiest with temperatures reaching the 40's, theme or water parks fully open to the public and the nightlife is raring to go, but did you know even in the peaceful months such as February, there are still over 100 events happening in the Algarve alone.
Create an unbeatable romantic setting for a peaceful getaway, somewhere to pop the question with a perfect backdrop, and even for those not bothered by Valentines at all, delve into Portugal's history in one of the many regions across the Algarve... There's plenty of it! 
With over a hundred flights on a daily basis, head on over to bask in the golden sunshine on one of many blue flag beaches, savor the taste of fresh seafood and exquisite wine, play a friendly game of golf, or why not all on differt days of the week? Turn your dream into your reality... 

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